Challenge Yourself: Kaweh Ijen

wandering eli

My plans for Indonesia originally focused on Bali, but extended to include Java as I really wanted to make my way to the famous Mount Bromo volcano and Borobodur temple in Yogyakarta. The longer I travelled however the more I heard of Kaweh Ijen, the famous volcano at the Bali side of Java, with blue flames and sulphur mines, home to the world’s largest acidic lake…I couldn’t resist it.

I travelled from Permuteran in Bali to Banyuwangi in Java. I had heard that the town was nothing to write home about, and had low expectations, however, as I walked around the area near to my homestay I saw people working in the rice fields, and was greeted with smiles and hello’s from all directions. It felt completely off the beaten track, as I ate in restaurants where there were no other tourists and paid less than $1 for delicious local…

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