Becoming a diver in Gili Meno

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Gili Meno is the calmest Island among 3 Gili Islands (Trawangan, Air and Meno) near Bali and Lombok. If you like simple, minimal and silence, Gili Meno is just for you. We’ve been in this Island for 7 days (16-23 Sep 2016) and all tourists we’ve met had kind of same mentality. Calm and relaxed. Mostly couples between late 20’s to 50’s with backpacks. It is definitely worth a visit for true relaxation. Unlike staying in Bali or Lombok, you feel you are completelly into local society. The island has beautiful beaches. Sea is very calm and clear so it is perfect for snorkel, swimming and diving. Inspired by my favorite blogger and my friends, me and my husband decided to take our life adventure into ocean.

Turquoise blue and white beach. Turquoise blue and white beach near harbor of Gili Meno

East side of Gili Meno is kind of center of the Island. There are…

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