Adventure Tour and Eat from Derawan Island

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Although we are scuba divers. Honestly, we totally complete all adventure tours in our third days. So we didn’t decide any dive tour after this. Please read this posts as well and decide your adventures.

Sangalaki island 

Where have Sea Turtle Monitoring And Research Station. Many cute baby turtles is the pool, they are swimming and sleeping. This is awesome experience.

And here is Manta rays home also. You can swim with them and catch them round the island. The fisherman look around on the surface. You just wait on boat, to ready jump into the water. Water current so strong there, that manta rays past so fast. When they gone, you need back to the boat follow their shadows, ready jump again. So much fun at this place.

Kakaben islandVisit the inland lake and swim through an ethereal swarm of millions of stingless jellyfish, some as tiny as…

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